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Meet Trammell Cooper

Meet Trammell Cooper

July 08, 2021

At Genesis Wealth Management, we understand finding a partner to help manage your wealth is a decision as personal as it is financial. Our clients describe their experience working with us as joining a family, due to our strong culture of collaboration and support amongst our team and shared traditions of honesty, integrity, loyalty, and personal courage. We believe if you choose one of us, you’ve chosen all of us. As such, we want to introduce our wealth management team and share their stories, their experience, their passions.

Meet Trammell Cooper

From a young age, Trammell had an innate desire to make an impact on the community in which he was raised. As a proud Texan and native Austinite, he has dedicated his life to serving others, participating in numerous initiatives such as the Veterans Portrait Project and the USAA Community High School Mentoring Program, and volunteering with nonprofits including the Austin History Center Association.

Career Building

During the Great Recession, Trammell realized a career in the financial industry would allow him to dedicate his career to helping families and organizations through the best and most challenging seasons of life. With that goal in mind, after graduating in 2008, Trammell spent over 12 years at USAA serving military families and high-net-worth clients, both navigating uncertainties and supporting their dreams. Trammell’s USAA career culminated in his appointment as a Senior Wealth Manager prior to joining Genesis Wealth Management.

Trammell’s Career Today

Through extraordinary experiences, striving to exceed expectations in his craft, and a high-touch business model, Trammell has developed lifelong relationships with people and institutions to help them journey through life with confidence. Now, an Executive Wealth Manager, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, and Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA), Trammell can not only provide personalized guidance and strategies to pursue long-term success, but anticipate and solve complex financial challenges and turn them into opportunities to grow, protect, and distribute wealth in a tax-efficient manner, creating a legacy for generations to come.

The Best Part

Trammell’s clients have seen how Genesis Wealth Management can add value to their legacy through sophisticated intergenerational wealth strategies which rarely require a high-risk portfolio. True wealth means more to his clients than money; they seek a partner who drives a consistent philosophy of pursuing success and happiness.

Trammell looks forward to days when he can celebrate with a family that reached a milestone, share in the joy of planning an upcoming trip, or quell stress with a friendly check-in on pets or grandchildren. Believing in your path and loving your career means you don’t work a day in your life. That’s what makes Trammell’s journey so rewarding.

Trammell enjoys studying history and traveling around the world. He is a Tec 40 certified scuba diver, motorcycle enthusiast, martial arts practitioner, and loving husband. His wife, Jen, leads a team of datacenter product specialists at Dell, and together they dote on their two Texas-born rescue dogs, Bexar and Sadie.

What we appreciate about Trammell the most is his selflessness. His genuine desire to effectively serve his clients, his coworkers, and the community is refreshing. We are proud to call Trammell a part of the Genesis family!

Want to Know More? 

Don’t just take our word for it—experience the difference an objective, people-first Wealth Manager can make in your life. Take the first step toward your dream future by calling Trammell at (512) 294-6446 or emailing to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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