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Wealth Planning for LifeTM

More than money, your wealth is a reflection of a life’s work and the foundation for everything you and your family have yet to do. Our Wealth Planning for LifeTM process guides you through a disciplined six-step process designed to build your comprehensive wealth management plan and develop confidence in your decisions. We deliver a uniquely integrated approach to navigate many different planning problems and to help you preserve and grow your wealth.


Before we can envision what wealth management will mean for you and your family, we need to learn what is most important to you and your family.

Getting to know you personally plays an essential role in how our Wealth Planning for LifeTM process addresses your needs. We take the time to get to know you beyond your finances. We want to know your dreams and aspirations, your challenges and concerns, your plans and your priorities. We strive to understand your goals so we can create a plan that works toward achieving what is important to you and your family.

Your Wealth Manager will take the time to get to know who you are and where you are headed to form the framework of a wealth management plan that is unique to you. Every subsequent action we recommend flows from this discovery process.


By design, Genesis has invested heavily in sophisticated planning technology and tools. We put these tools and our expert advice to work for our clients in order to help them make well-informed financial decisions and pursue their goals and life’s aspirations, regardless of market uncertainties.

We focus on the elements of wealth management that are truly controllable such as asset allocation and location, market efficiency, costs, and taxation. This process allows us to identify potential opportunities and reduce risks for our clients.


With wealth comes complexity. Through education, we hope to demystify the complexities that often accompany wealth ownership.

Our advisors are just as good at explaining your financial plan as they are at building it. Our goal is to provide you with the wisdom and confidence to move forward with decisions and actions toward achieving your goals.

Education often leads us to identify potential issues that you may not yet see. We look beyond what is currently visible and try to see what may be around the corner.


We don’t propose services; we provide solutions. We offer comprehensive, customized solutions to help work toward preserving and growing your irreplaceable wealth.

We build a fully customized plan that addresses your situation and goals. We emphasize balance in this process. We believe your plan should pursue growth while also ensuring a stable foundation for your capital. Our plans tend to focus less on market benchmarks and more on attaining goals and milestones that are relevant to you. Our goal is to reflect a deep understanding of your unique financial needs and life-long goals.

Ultimately, we develop an organized and simplified picture of your wealth plan that helps you understand what you have in place and where changes are needed to reflect your current and future vision.


We guide clients through strategic decision-making based upon their goals relative to their personal lifestyle, families, and philanthropic endeavors. However, no plan can be achieved without taking deliberate action.

With your commitment to making decisions, we help you turn those decisions into action. We serve as the focal point for insurance, investment, tax, estate, and trust strategies. Then, we work with your other advisors –accountants and attorneys– to move your plan from where it is today to where you want it to be in the future. Throughout the course of our relationship, we work closely with all parties to discover, guide and ultimately deliver a holistic wealth strategy.

We help you reach your goals and objectives in the most collaborative and transparent way.

Planning for Life

When we take on clients, we plan to take them on for life. Our role is to anticipate and solve financial problems and provide wealth management leadership so that our clients’ lives can be easier, allowing them to pursue their life’s aspirations.

We understand that the only constant is change. Therefore, we actively seek to maintain communication via regularly scheduled correspondence and meetings, allowing us to make adjustments as your life evolves in predictable and unpredictable ways.

To help you control your financial destiny, we believe it is important to periodically monitor the impact of these changes on your wealth management plan. The aim is to anticipate change, prepare to manage it and fine tune as needed.