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Questions You Should Ask Your Before Hiring A Financial Advisor

How to find a Financial Advisor you can trust, so you can delegate your financial management decisions with confidence, so you can pursue your life's aspirations, while still getting the financial advice your family desires.

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In This Free 8 Page Guide, We'll Show You…

  • The essential questions you need to ask your Financial Advisor to ensure they have the time, desire and expertise to address every dimension of your wealth-now and for generations to come.  

  • The most under-asked question that MOST people are not asking which is actually potentially harmful to their financial future.

  • The right types of questions to ask to prevent surprises and ensure your Financial Advisor has your best interest before their own.   

  • An outline of each element so you can find a Financial Advisor you can trust. Miss any one of these and you may find yourself frustrated and confused by the advice you are receiving and the outcome of your financial plan.

  • and so much more...

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Hi! We are the Genesis Wealth Management Team..

We are a group of former USAA Wealth Managers that partnered together to help families simplify their financial futures by developing relationships with a foundation in education and trust. 

This Template is the first step to building a trusted relationship with your financial professional and learning how to find an advisor that has your best interests first. 

With it, you will gain insight into the differences between advisors and how, and why they give advice. Use and enjoy!