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Portfolio Management

First and foremost, as investors we know that achieving compelling investment results is paramount to our success. Even the strongest client relationship will erode over time if we do not deliver the long-term performance our clients need to pursue their goals.

We believe strongly in tailoring your portfolio specifically to you. In setting your asset allocation, your wealth manager will consider your liquidity and income needs, time horizon, tax sensitivity, return expectations, risk tolerance and asset constraints. LPL and Genesis do not offer proprietary investment products or services. Our open architecture platform ensures that your wealth manager can satisfy all of your investment needs. This includes a myriad of alternative investment strategies such as private equity, hedge funds, women's leadership, socially responsible and Biblically responsible investments.

Starting with a top-down view of the global economy and market environment, our Investment Committee meets regularly to identify investment opportunities for clients' portfolios. Our objective approach to investment management seeks to optimize performance through multi-asset class, multi-style and multi-manager diversification, while balancing expected return, risk, tax sensitivity and cost. Our highly experienced committee scrutinizes economic, political and market events around the globe and then identities opportunities across all asset classes to be represented in your portfolio.

The Genesis team is backed by LPL’s research team, which arms them with in-depth asset allocation research, in-house equity and fixed income research, and a carefully scrutinized and curated set of outside investment managers spanning core, alternative and private asset classes.

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